Welcome to the home of WiFi Prioritizer. An android application that aims to manage your WiFi network priorities as straight forward as possible. 

This application was conceived out of frustration with how my phone decides which access point to use. I often use a portable Mi-Fi router to share my data contract but when I arrive home, I wanted my phone and tablet to automatically jump onto the home network that's on ADSL. This never happened because Android will not re-connect unless it loses connection to an active connection.

WiFi Prioritizer aims to address this issue by intermittently looking at available networks, if a network with higher priority is available and the signal is over the set threshold, it forces a reconnect to the preferred network.

I figured this would be a useful tool for others out there, so I published it on the Play Store.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I've already received some good ideas on extending the functionality of the application.

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